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Top 10 Wedding Day Essentials for the Bride

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The wedding day is finally here! We know how excited you are and how long you have waited for this day and it is finally here. Only hours remain until you are walking down the aisle to your forever partner. Everyone knows that on the BIG DAY, the nerves are at an all time high and this may mean that you could forget something important. So get packing and check out this list of the Top 10 Wedding Day Essentials for the Bride on her big day!

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1. Your favorite comfy cozy robe

You most likely will be staying at a hotel, an airbnb, or maybe even your childhood home on the morning of your wedding day. This is the place where you are getting your hair and makeup done and eating breakfast because let's face it, you should most definitely eat that morning! Your comfy robe will come in handy while you get your hair and makeup done in the morning so you don’t have to worry about pulling anything over your head and messing up all that beautiful work you just got done.

2. Hello H20

Having a water bottle near will be a total lifesaver. It is so important to stay hydrated all day. Make sure to drink at least 2 water bottles before you even head to your ceremony.

3. Stain remover pad

Let’s face it? Life happens, and so does spills and stains. Whether you are taking your photos outside on the beach, in the grass, or standing up against a brick wall, you most likely will encounter some stains on either you or your partner. It is nice to have a small stain remover pad in your bridal clutch because you really never know that will happen!

4. Clear nail polish

Someone shared this life hack with me a while ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Even when I travel now, I always bring a bottle of clear nail polish with me. I know that none of us are perfect, and we could easily chip our nails opening a can of pop. Being able to touch up any scratches / cracks to those nails if you get one really quickly will keep your mind at ease. Not only that, but it can also be a quick fix for runs in your tights or buttons that are about to pop off.

5. Mineral powder foundation

Some makeup artists use liquid foundation, and some use a finishing powder. We recommend carrying around the same finishing powder or one similar to the color that your makeup artist used on you so that you / your bridal party can assist you with minor touch up throughout the day. With the day being so long, you want to be able to retouch up your makeup at any time! Carrying around some powder will help take any oil off your face and give you a clean polished look!

6. A extra pair of undergarments

Ok, let us explain. Think about it, you have been wearing the same outfit all day. It is nice to refresh before the reception!

7. Bobby pins and hair ties

We all know how much dancing is going to be taking place. Of course your hair is bound to fall out, even just a little! Having some extra hair ties / bobby pins within reach is nice for you to be able to just throw up your hair into a bun if it is getting in your way.

8. Band-aids

Obviously good incase you cut yourself somewhere but also really helpful in case you start getting blisters on the back of your heels from your wedding shoes.

Pro tip: start breaking in your wedding shoes a week before the wedding. Toss them on for 30 minutes everyday to really break them in and get them ready for the wedding day.

9. Eye drops

With the day starting so early, your eyes are bound to get dry throughout the whole day of events. From crying, being outside with the wind blowing in your face after photos, you are going to want to refresh those eyes before the reception.

10. A positive attitude

We know how much planning went into your wedding day. We know that you are probably thinking about every single little detail. Just remember to go-with-the flow. You have a whole team of people who support you and your partner and want nothing but the best for you. So remember that things will run smoothly. Let’s face it, today is all about you and your partner today. You both deserve to enjoy it!

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