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Venue Review, Vol. 1 | Night at the Museum

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Hello everyone, and thank you for being here! I am excited to be able to share with you volume 1 of Venue Review. This week we are discussing the Henry Ford Museum. What is awesome about this venue is the fact that you have (3) different options for reception and ceremony space - which is super rare! In this volume, we are specifically going to focus on the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Lovett Hall.

As always, I am tagging the venue website so that you can check out their page yourself, but I am going to be listing all the important details that you want to know from my meeting with the venue event planners themselves so keep reading to get all the juicy details that I know you are all waiting for.

I am going to link the amazing photographer the bride and groom used for the photos that are featured here on the blog today. Niki Marie Photography. I highly recommend checking out some of her other weddings. She is a great Detroit based photographer and her clients love her!


I am going to start off strong with some of the questions that I asked the event planners! Check it out:

1. How far in advance can clients reserve a date at the venue?

  • Currently, the venue reserves dates (2) years out.

2. What is the event capacity? (How many guests does the space accommodate)

  • 400+ guests, however, 400 is the recommended number.

3. Does the venue offer in-house catering?

  • Yes! The venue has a great culinary team that will prepare your guests with an outstanding meal. There are a ton of different pricing options for plated meals and late night snacks!

4. What is included in my venue rental? Specifically The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation:

  • Access to the following locations:

    • Prechter Promenade - which is the drop off location if you have valet services.

    • Pennsylvania Courtyard - outdoor ceremony space only.

    • Anderson theater - ceremony space only.

  • Reception details:

    • 60-inch round tables set for (8) guests.

    • Mahogany chairs with a seat pad.

    • White floor length linen.

    • Hurricane lamps.

    • Standard banquet table numbers and stands available upon request.

5. What is included in my venue rental? Specifically Lovett Hall:

  • Access to the following locations:

    • Ballroom - an upstairs space with access to a lovely balcony.

    • Ginger Myer Garden - outdoor ceremony space only.

    • Lovett Lobby - can be utilized as cocktail hour, or indoor ceremony space.

    • Lovett Library - can be utilized as a holding room for the bride / bridal party. Can also be utilized as a space for great photographs.

  • Reception details:

    • 60-inch round tables set for (8) guests.

    • Mahogany chairs with a seat pad.

    • White floor length linen.

    • Hurricane lamps.

    • Standard banquet table numbers and stands available upon request.

6. Is there an outdoor space that we can access for the event?

  • They do have an outdoor courtyard that is available, however, that is mainly used. for an outside ceremony, it is typically not available to use during your reception in the Museum.

  • The courtyard is not available during the winter months for a ceremony.

7. What time can my vendors begin their load in for the reception?

  • Since the Museum is a Museum first, wedding venue second, they have vendor load-in beginning at 4:30 pm, the Museum closes at 5:00 pm meaning that cocktail hour before at 6:30 pm and your reception will begin at 7:30 pm. The event must be over by 1:00 pm.

    • Load-out only receives an hour to pack up and leave the venue.

8. Does the venue have other equipment for rental? Things like speciality furniture, family style tables, white chairs, etc.?

  • Yes, the facility does have the option to order speciality furniture from a vendor that they specifically work through.

  • The facility does not permit clients to bring in their own speciality furniture. If you plan to use tables that do not come with the venue, you will have to coordinate that with the venue and they will order those pieces for you.

9. Does the venue offer valet services?

  • Yes! They have valet services for the clients to utilize. This is an extra charge and the price will depend on your guest count.

10. Does the venue offer coat check?

  • Yes! They have coat check services for the clients to utilize. If you wish to have an attendant monitor coat check, they can also offer that service for you.



If you are interested in The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation or Lovett Hall as an option for your wedding venue or ceremony, please make sure you give them a call and setup an appointment to tour their facility. It is such an incredible location full of rich history, beautiful landmarks and will definitely be the unique experience that you are looking for.


Thank you for joining me on this new adventure! Cheers to your beginning, xoxo.

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