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Venue Review | Introduction

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Hello wedding brides, grooms, planners and more! My name is Lily and I am the owner of Begin your Beginning, a wedding planning company. I wanted to start something new and exciting to give all the brides out there looking for some awesome wedding venues, the important details and questions that they need to know about a venue.

Choosing the right venue is one of the most important details about a wedding. The venue really describes the couples style and selecting the right venue can sometimes be stressful. I always advise my brides to have a few venues in mind. It is totally OK and normal to have your ideal venue in mind, but be open to being flexible and tour as many venues as you want, because you never know what that venue will have to offer that will completely blow you away!

During these Venue Reviews, I will discuss in detail, all of the questions that you are dying to know about various venues found in Michigan. I will also include plenty of photos so that you can envision the space that I am writing about.

I hope that you all enjoy reading these posts and get all the juicy information that you are looking for.

Cheers to your beginning, xoxo

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