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Wedding Budget | Pt. 1

Hey guys and thank you for joining me here for another blog post. Today we are talking about the ever so stressful wedding budget.

Let's get into it!


Number 1 - In order for you to be successful you need to set some expectations and some goals. What I mean by this is you need to begin this process by checking out the list below of some of the line items that should be on your radar for your budget.

  1. Venue (Ceremony / Reception)

  2. Photographer / Videographer

  3. Transportation

  4. Entertainment (Band / DJ)

  5. Florist

  6. Baker

  7. Caterer (if your venue does not have an in-house caterer)

  8. Party favors

  9. Hair / Makeup Artist

  10. Purchasing your dress / renting tuxes

  11. Rings

  12. Linens

  13. Save the date (If you choose to do these)

  14. Formal invitations

  15. The wedding shower

  16. Hotel rooms / accommodations for the couple getting married

  17. Gifts / thank you cards for ALL your vendors

    1. This is just a nice gesture that you can do to show your appreciation for your vendors who helped you with your special day. A thank you card really does go a long way.

  18. Rehearsal dinner

Those are just some of the things that you should be thinking about. So with that being said, here is the hack: most vendors are less expensive during "off season" which is November - April. Not only should you be open to having your wedding during "off season" but if you really want to save money, look at doing a Friday wedding both during "off season" or during the peak of wedding season. Being flexible and having a Friday wedding is going to open so many budget saving deals for you. Not only are you going to save on your venue, you most likely are going to save on a majority of your vendors as well.


Number 2 - This next section is all about floral because let's face it, it is one of the more expensive items on your budget (aside from catering). Some things you can do to reduce the cost of your floral is being transparent with your florist. Be up front about how much you are willing to spend on floral, that way, you set the expectation early and they can help you find ways to make the most bang for your buck.

Something else that not lot of people consider is that you can absolutely provide your florist with vases and other items to avoid having to have a rental fee from the company. Providing your florist with the vases will help tremendously since your florist will only have to provide the floral. CAUTION: make sure to ask if they will still setup the centerpieces even if they are not providing you with the vases. Some florists will, and other will not. HOWEVER, you can also ask your florist if they are willing to remove the setup fee which can sometimes be pricey and have your venue coordinator (if they are willing, make sure you ask) or your wedding coordinator (if you have one) setup those centerpieces for you.

Please pick in-season floral. If you are selecting floral that is in season, you are going to save your florist from having to charge you a premium. Again, being transparent with your florist and asking them what floral is in season is going to cut those costs for you.

Double dip with your floral! When you create arrangements with your florist, try to create arrangements that you are able to use at both the ceremony and the reception. The less items you need, the more you will save (obviously).


Number 3 - Skip the dessert table. I know, they are trendy and so cute but let's be honest - hopefully all your guests are up dancing or talking with family and friends. You are going to save so much more than you think if you just do the sheet cake. You will also want to ask your venue how much they charge for cake cutting. Some venues do this complementary, others will charge you.

Also ask yourself, do you need this 7-tier cake just to cut in front of everyone and get a few photos of? No, probably not. Getting a small cake just to cut and then having sheet cakes to serve will save a ton.


Number 4 - Ask your friends who have already gotten married what supplies they still have leftover from their wedding. Some of your friends who got married before you may still have things that they bought from their wedding! Do not miss out on the opportunity to take something off their hands. You may be able to get it from them for free (if they like you, ha), or you could get it for half the price. Odds are, they have been wanting to get rid of it anyways. It never hurts to ask!


Number 5 - Borrow a veil from a friend. High quality veil's can cost anywhere from $500 - $2,500. That is no joke people! I know you know someone who has a veil, so just ask if you can borrow it! Please, before you do this, wait until you get your wedding need them to match.


You guys, there are SO MANY more budget saving tips. I am going to create more posts so follow along and thank you for joining me here for this quick 4 minute read. I hope you learned something new today. Cheers to your beginning!

XO - Lily

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